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Case Studies / Industry Info


Virtual Event Case Studies and Information


VIDEO:  Cisco GSX 2009 Case Study

PODCAST:  Virtual Events for Small Business Lead Generation

The Next Marketing Frontier:  Virtual Events and Environments

Three Problems, One Solution:  VIRTUAL EVENTS

Why Events Are Going Virtual

How to Tackle a Virtual Trade Show

How Marketing Via Virtual Technology Reduces a Company’s Carbon Footprint and Serves as a Legitimate Green Strategy for Many Firms

Take It Online:   Virtual Trade Shows Take Care of Some Very Real Business

‘Perpetual’ Virtual Environments May Unlock Long-Lasting Customer, Employee, Partner Relations & Drive ROI

Nice Meeting Your Avatar:  Industry Trade Shows Go Virtual

A Tale of Two Trade Shows

Six Advantages to Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual Trade Shows:  A Realistic Alternative to Business Travel?

Virtual Events Can Generate Leads for Small Business

Lounges Key to Virtual Trade Shows

Petfood Industry Hosts Virtual Forum for Petfood Manufacturing Nutrition Professionals

Virtual Events are Generating Demand with Significant ROI

Virtual Lead Generation:  CRM in Virtual Events

Trade Shows Go Virtual

Are Virtual Trade Shows Worthwhile for B2B?


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